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the river is red again

With the sun in my eyes she was gone
But if I were still ten
In that crowd of thousands
I'd find her again


 Far away, long ago
Glowing dim as an ember
Things my heart used to know
Things it yearns to remember

“Some nights I believe I’m over you. Other nights, I sit by the window, and look for love in the letters you wrote to me.”
~Awkward moment:~When he thinks you're tryna play 21 questions but all you know is to ask questions to keep conversation and then he points it out... ~Him: yo is you tryna play a game or sum?? ~Me: of basketball? (he was playing basketball earlier) ~Him: no i just came in i mean t or d or 21 questions. ~Me: oh i was aboutta say "nah i suck" lmao and honestly, just tryna keep conversation, but yknow, i cant people to people so its kinda hard peopleling. ~Him: what. ~Me: i suck at texting ok. ~Him: lmao.
Its you. Its always been you. Its always going to be you. You are the person I want to adventure with and blindly stumble throught live with. I want to be sad with you because not everything is a happy occasion. I want to see you every morning when I wake up because waking up to you makes every day better. I want to fall asleep with you because you make the night less scary. You are everything I ever want.  
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