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Why should I care about what happens to you? Why should i bear any burden, when you did this to yourself? I can't come along and make things right, that's impossible. You think too highly of me. You think i can do it all, when i can't. I can't make your life suck any less. All i can do is watch out for myself and know my limits. You should have seen this coming far in advance. It's so like you to quietly wait till the last minute and expect me to come through with a solution. Our parents have spoilt you rotten. You're far too dependent. Grow up. There's only so much that i can do for you. I don't need that pressure. Just know your own limits instead of quietly wasting away. I'm not the miracle worker you thought i was. You have to be responsible for your life. It's not that hard.
No amount of good deeds can actually cover up the evil that wells inside me.
Is there no one who can set us free? Am I truly malefic from day my mother bore me?
Struggle everyday have I. To be just or to let myself get corrupted by?
I am never sure of my choices day by day.
both good and evil are here to stay.
No, normal person can understand. Nothing. Probably just let us waste away.
hi! omg i havent been on here since i was a super emo tiny kid

 I don't know what worse:
to not know what you are and be happy,
or to become what you've always wanted to be,
and feel alone


  Just leave me alone.
I'm not myself,
I'm falling apart,
and I don't want you here.

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