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The Power of Intuition is not Magic, but pure Logic for those who let it burst from their Inspiration!
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When your dreams are shattered and you can't even cry because you have to look strong and happy. Thus is the worst thing to experience in life and I am going through it again and again.
~..For some reason, like with T, I'm overlooking it and i cant stop. i have tried so hard..i really did...and i was done with his shizz, i was sick of it...but i wanted HIM. i didnt care if i have to hear his shizz, yeah it hurts but it..it was an honest mistake, right? And the people that love me, i love too...But...the pain..the inner pain i feel, it hurts more than what R could ever do to me. I just want it to stop. please end it...i always feel that, for it to end, i have to end me. *i'm* the problem. no one else. *i* am. and it'll forever be the way..I can't win anymore..~

~~~~_^_^ACTUAL TEXT SENT^_^_~~~~
~~~~vvv Did not send vvv~~~~
I'm sorry i'm such a fvck up.
Atlas wanted to learn what women would have to endure. So he lifted the earth on his shoulders and kept it there for an eternity.

Oh yes, but lostness is loving someone too, knowing you would take the raft out further if it meant a few more minutes.

light reflects from your shadow,
it is more than I thought could exist.
you move through the room
like breathing was easy,
if someone believed me
they would be

as in love with you as I am.

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