Quotes added on Wednesday, March 21 2018

You deserve a relationship with
someone who doesn't leave you 
guessing where you stand with
My only goal in my life
is to love him
for the rest
of my
Have you ever hanged out with your friends and laughed so hard and get lost in the moment so much that you completely forgot all your problems? Those are the moments I live for.
I don't wanna be nice. I don't want to smile at strangers, I don't want to hold open doors. I don't like being misunderstood but their thoughts don't matter. I don't wanna be nice. Takes too much unnoticed effort.
I watch
As the sunlight begins to fill my room, and still I haven't slept, the thoughts of you keeping me awake, thinking about what I should have said and all the things I didn't say.
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