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I should have noticed that everytime I said I love you, you never said it back
I guess I was too mesmerised in your eyes that I believed our illusioned utopia would be everlasting
~\ I don't want to take action on anything over what I have no knowledge of, and I don't want to start now /~
Aren't we all just lonely souls?
Dang, there was a time when Witty was full of people. I miss that time.
Some souls weld together in a flash of fire and others melt slowly to pool over time. But I favor the souls that are cool to the touch, who preserve my own constitution. I hold onto those who keep me cold
My determination to be thoughtful and deliberate was always too dry and too cold for you. Your side of the bed has been deserted but I'll still save my love for rainy days
I'm tired of you dancing on the outskirts of my affection and I can't decide if I'll ever forgive you but you never come round here anymore anyway. I've gotten too jaded to make my lost loves creative and I can't decide if I'll ever forget to but no one reads poetry anymore anyway
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