Quotes added on Saturday, April 14 2018

Love is very sweet feeling I am in love
Tremendous energy lies within each one of us. Alas! We don’t discover and unleash it and when we die, we lose it because we didn’t use it. 
I’ve always felt that two people who shared as much as we did and shared such important years should have never drifted apart.
I want all the details that you don’t even get to notice about your day. I want to know about your dreams and every little silly wish you think it can never be real. I want your love to be poured on me in ways that never existed before. I want you like no one and I want you to want me more than a reality can handle.
I cant look at you the same anymore
The ultimate letter of resignation is I.
The objectification of women is unfair to women, and even more unfair to objects.
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