Quotes added on Friday, May 4 2018

Do it because you WANT to, not just because you HAVE to. When you do what you want, you create an Unstoppable POWER.
~Yes, I like you, but nobody ever said I couldn't love you~
~I'm falling for someone thats 1,418.4 miles away, how the f*ck am i going to be catched before I make a face plant?~
•me 11:09 PM• *sigh* ok, i sent this to plum this morning: •me 6:06 AM• Same tbh. Dude it was pure luck with him •me 9:16 AM• So, he has family in the state i am and im just like jsjshshshhajshs and then at some point he said he wanted to come down JUST TO GIVE ME A HUG and i told him to hug a pillow and he said no thats weird and more convo into it but like AS SOON AS I SAW HOW FIT HE WAS, i told him us hugging would definitely be much more different than pillow hugging but my freaking hearttttt 💞💛💛💗💜💖💓💞💓💞💚💝💚💜💛💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💖💓💖💔💞💓💞💛💝💛💖💛 •me 9:26 AM• Sh*t, its gonna hurt losing him. Hes freaking the whole package!!! Sweet, funny, rude when wanna but as a joke, f*cking gorgeous,hes absolutely cute and I'm not talking about face wise, hot, has an amazing personality;like, i LOVE talking to him, man. I just love it. He knows how to make me smile and has made me blush and just 😊😊😊 He's amazing. It sucks. I am like nowhere near that range and like, f*ckkkkkk. •OMG ITS PLUM 11:52 AM• Omfg ur like in love or something 😩😩 •OMG ITS PLUM 11:52 AM• Omg wym losing him •OMG ITS PLUM 11:53 AM• You don't have to lose him •me 12:04 PM• Pfffft im not in love •me 12:04 PM• And im just saying if something were to happen •💙🏒 11:15 PM• 1. this is the cutest thing ive ever read like ur actually the cutest and nicest girl ive ever talked to😊 2. Ur never gonna lose me no matter what cuz like ur just so amazing as a person and to talk to like theres not one point in the day where i dont wanna talk to you 3. Even if it was luck im glad i f*cking met u cuz like damn ur just so amazing, cute, funny, caring, pretty as hell and a sh*t ton of other stuff❤️ •me 11:18 PM• 😶😶😶😶 can you like... teleport here. Please. •💙🏒 11:20 PM• oh and there is literally no other girl in the world that makes me this when talking to them because ur different than all the other girls ive talked to and i f*cking love that about u❤️❤️ •💙🏒 11:20 PM• this happy* •me 11:25 PM• 😊😊😊I'm really glad i make you feel that way •💙🏒 11:26 PM• ur actually so cute like damn •me 11:27 PM• I mean, i act like I'm 12 and i look 12 Sooooooooo •me 11:29 PM• And I'm like the most innocent 16 year old you'll every meet, like i make sexual jokes and stuff but I'm still pure, never drank or done drugs, like... i don't do what teens do
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