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Don't waste Time, you can't get more of it. Even if you give away all you have, you can't get back a Minute.
1.21.17 Part 1

I fear all happy, for that is what
i'll never have in my life.

1.21.17 Part 2

Are we all really, truly happy?
Or is that just some sick, twisted myth
that we all tend to believe?

1.21.17 Part 3

Smile until you cry.
I do that all the time...
Minus the smiling part.

1.21.17 Part 4

I've been asked why i'm so afraid all the time.
I tell them this truth:
I try to believe in good,
I tried to believe in happiness,
But i've always believed in
failure, nightmares, worst possiblities, etc.
Because you don't always expect so much.


1.21.17 Part 5

I messed up, yeah I know.
You seek punishment, but the thing is...
You don't know how low i'm willing to go.
To you, I make mistakes.
To me, They're my lifes-worth desires.
I can't stop...
And I won't stop.
Guess everything I am is a mistake too.
Young & Foolish, that seems to be the way.
I was "stupid".

My Whole Heart 💙 🏒 8:35 PM 5/10/2018
You know you are in love 
When you can not fall asleep 
Because reality is finally better
Than your dreams
For the two of us
Home is not a place
But a person
And we are finally home
Distance is nothing but a test
To see how far love can travel
Distance means so little
When someone means so much
I will love you more than me
And more than yesterday 
I wish I could spend my whole life
Telling you how much I love you
  A poem he had written a week ago...
Ɛ> 4/29/2018 <3
My Whole Heart 
Ɛ> 5/10/2018 <3
This quote does not exist.
~I've convinced myself once again...I'm not loved, and I never truly will be...~
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