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Don’t let the present pass in sorrow, hoping that the future will be full of Joy.
Här hittar du en översikt över ett stort urval av Sveriges långivare och deras erbjuden. Du ser enkelt vilka summor de kan komma


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4/29-30/18 x 5/31-6/1/18        6.1.18

I had another breakdown at 12:22am 6/1/18
but it wasn't because of him,
it was because of you.
I know i was playfully mad at you,
or even jealous,
just for leaving me.
But i'll never forgive myself if you actually leave.
It's 10:55am, same day and i still have the tear stains from 8 to 10 hours ago.
They're being covered and more are joining right now..

Heck, friends or not,
I love you. 
Don't go...
Please fight,
fight for her, 
fight for me,
fight for yourself,
fight for anyone,
fight for your life,

You don't deserve this. 
No one deserves that.
We only knew each other for a month,
but so much has happened.
We were able to trust each other.
I trusted you with everything i said.
I trusted you to tell me anything and everything.
Telling me when you say you're good but you're actually not...
That hit.
That hit hard.
How could i not know better?

Telling me that i may not see you again,
i wish our last conversation wasn't that! 
God, don't let that be the last time we conversate!!!!
to me at least...

"You're an amazing girl (name), don't let any d*ck tell you otherwise, ok?"
"i know better than to listen to them"
I couldn't delete that conversation...
I won't ever forget you...
Please stay..
Do you know how hard it is to type all of these without being able to see the keyboard clearly?
Thank you for being my best friend, you'll always be my best friend.
I'll always love you.

Please don't let that time be the last time we conversate.
It's okay to cry over someone, even if it's a boy. This specific boy is my best friend. I will never say "was". I love him too much to let go, even though he might soon, I never will. I don't care if it'll hurt me, losing him hurts enough. Don't tell me to move on, I don't listen to rules well, and I will never let go. I promise. I promise you i'll never let go. You'll always be loved by me. I promise. 

4.29-30.18 x 5.31-6.1.18
Please don't let this be the last day.
"Istg if you're messing with me"
"i'm not, but we can pretend like i am"
"no, our friendship and your life isn't a joke to me, so i'm not going to pretend."

please, let it be a joke.
If it is, i'd be relieved,
but also terrified asf.
I can't handle something like this.
You have no idea how much you mean to me.
~it's fine, i'm not expecting you to do anything, you don't need to. i just needed to say something. Sucks to see a friend drown and not know why~
~Where did things go wrong?~
Thank you for being ok, at least in the slightest
6/1/18 7:49pm

No, don't tell me I'm lying.
I promised I was better.
I promised I changed.
Don't tell me I'm going back to my old self,
don't tell me I'm going back to what I used to do that wasn't good for me.
Don't tell me I'm lying.
I promised I was better.
I promised I changed!!!
I thought I was okay...
Am I not?
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