Quotes added on Saturday, June 2 2018

At one point I had a cult following, but by successfully employing countersurveillance measures, I managed to lose them on a busy side street.
I'd rather itch where I couldn't scratch, than scratch where I couldn't itch.
I'm finally able to accept myself – provided I'm accompanied by two valid forms of ID.
Life & Death are beyond our control. We can’t control where, how, or when we are born & we can’t control where, how, or when we may die. Then why Worry about it.
Heartbreak makes difficult for you to forget the person once you loved a lot.
Sometimes all you can do is lie on bed, and hope to fall asleep before you fall apart.
Okay we'll do our best! I want your honest opinion on a weak will and stony facial expressions and eating like a caveman and weird ideas on gender and putting on lots of makeup to make others comfortable and wearing something CUTE and listening to podcasts about adulthood and voting socialist and not having friends and knowing people don't want you there but if you don't show up they'll just talk crap about you and size M being large for Asian women and all this sadness that does a bad job
coping with rejection and the surrounding air of paranoia that yields into self-importance and god-like status and the likelihood of boring the person reading this.
this is one of the first times ive stayed clean out of spite
“I don’t hold grudges, it’s not healthy. I’ve made my circle quite small, and I like it that way. - For people who I don’t speak to anymore, know this: I don’t lose sleep over not having you in my life, my life is great. I don’t hate you, because hate would only bring me down. But know this, if I’ve cut you out of my life you handed me the scissors”.

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