Quotes added on Tuesday, June 12 2018

The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Birds, the Animals, the Flowers are all proof that a Universal Power exists.
 Me 3:35 AM
do you ever think why your heart hasnt given up on you yet?
 Me 3:36 AM
it's not to torture you
Me 3:36 AM
its saying its not too late
Fluffy marshmallow 3:37 AM 
Damn (my name) where this come from

Me 3:37 AM
cuz no one really wants to die, they just want the suffering to end. If you're not dead now, there's a reason why you're alive.
Fluffy marshmallow 3:39 AM 
I'm not afraid of death lol and same goes for u no death I could give u list of reasons taller than the Empire State building why you're alive

Me 3:39 AM
oh my

Fluffy marshmallow 3:39 AM
Is there an issue

The water is warm
but it's sending me shivers


And remember what it felt like
To be alone
Sitting in the sunlight
All alone

Me 12:09 AM
 but i feel myself falling for him more and more every text i get, besides the ones that p*ss me off
Fluffy marshmallow 12:09 AM
Ummm ok I can't relate
Me 12:10 AM
Fluffy marshmallow 12:12 AM
But like how can u fall for him more tho
Me 12:13 AM
 oh its very possible
Me 12:14 AM
 you learn more things and youre just like "i f*cking love you what the f*ck" its hard to explain...i cant really express how i feel for him in words
Fluffy marshmallow 12:14 AM
How tho
Me 12:17 AM
 like i said, i cant describe it lmao
~Flashbacks of the one that kinda hurt me most but still loved are coming back, why?~
my heart has fallen through my stomach to my toes and i accidentally stepped on it i think. my soul got kicked in the nuts. and my body is a living nightmare of issues that cannot be contained. tonight will be fun.
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