Quotes added on Saturday, November 10 2018

The born wanderer who never leaves home is just another kind of runaway.
Me 7:41 AM
Good Morning, I love you so so much, you are one of the sweetest people I know yet❤️ The past 6 months have been...eventful. I usually mess these kind of things up, so I dont want to say the wrong thing or be lame, which may happen..or...yeah. You mean a lot to me and I sometimes feel like we’re speaking for the first (really second I guess) time again and thats good because I really loved those days ngl. Youre a great boyfriend and I still feel happy or even lucky to be your girlfriend that may not exist to others..but at least to you 😬 Youre amazing, sweet, (if im being honest) funny, def attractive, etc. I love talking to you, the awkwardness...we can maybe fix that, aaauuuhhhh imma shush for now because I cant find the actual words I want to say so..HAPPY 6 MONTHS :))
BdayBoy❤️🏒 10:29 AM
good morning, first off just wanna say sorry for the way i've been lately because you do not deserve any of it. You are the most amazing girl in the world and you deserve everything good in the world. You always know how to make me smile or laugh when im down and i appreciate that so much. You make everything way better than it was before because you are amazing, funny, caring, beautiful, smart and the sweetest girl ever. Being able to call you mine just makes me so happy because im so lucky to be with an amazing girl like you. I love you so much and i hope all of this made sense cuz im half asleep rn cuz i just woke up. Just saying we are half way through a year of been with each other and im just counting down the months. I love you so much and Happy 6 Months❤️

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