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miss you Rp :/ sad we broke up, was falling hard for you...
as for you Mr. Gardner, my question who is rly the pathological liar?
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life it goes on, what can you do?
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i promise, i swear to you i’ll be okay; you’re only the love of my life.

When you are in pain, make noise, give your grief a voice. do not grant it strength through silence, let it sing, let it roar.

I didn’t know that the war was still inside you, that there was a war to begin with, that once it enters you it never leaves—but merely echoes
– A Letter to My Mother that She Will Never Read



i close my eyes
only for a moment, and the moment’s gone
all my dreams
pass before my eyes, a curiosity
dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind




Memory is all we are. Moments and feelings, captured in amber, strung on filaments of reason. Take a man’s memories and you take all of him. Chip away a memory at a time and you destroy him as surely as if you hammered nail after nail through his skull.



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