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The Runaways
I ducked out of my window, a small backpack slung over my shoulder, and climbed down the tree that stood tall by my room. This was so risky. I hopped the fence from my backyard out into the street. My boyfriend Brandon was in his car waiting for me. Tonight we were sneaking out and running away together. My uppity mother, way more concerned with her image and reputation than her own daughter's happiness, would never let me be with him. But I loved him so I had to do this.
“Your 10 minutes late babe!” Brandon told me as I got into the car.
“Yeah, sorry. I had to wait for the drill sergeant to fall asleep.” I explained. 'The Sergeant' is what I called my mother.
“Whatever. You want one?” He asked pulling out a pack of cigarettes.
“Sure,” I said as I took one and lit it. I took a few breathes of it and threw it out the window. I couldn't believe we were finally doing this, finally starting our life together.
My eyes started to close as Brandon took my hand and I fell asleep. 
Randomly signed on again and found my cringey old stories. Anyone else remember when posting chapters to short stories was a thing? Think I'm gonna try writing this one again because I actually like the original. If anyone is out there, give me a fave hahaha

Wrap yourself around me,
'Cause I ain't the way you found me,
and I'll never be the SAME.

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