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I hope you have a change of heart..

I hope you are thinking about me. 

 february journal prompts 

14. Write someone you love a letter   

Dear My Love,

  I know it seems like nothing has really changed between us. You're always the one to make the move and I mostly respond in kind. I'm just not used to this sort of relationship and am not really sure how to act.. I'm not even sure how you would want it to change. I mean we're already married so... I hope you like your gift. Happy Valentine's Day!

your husband.

 february journal prompts 

15. How do you define Self Love?   

  Self love is really the one type of love I'm most acquainted with. which I feel is a little unususal for this generation. I feel like most of us rely on other people's love. and while that's pretty necessary for us. Self Love is vital,Self love is dressing and expressing yourself truTHFULLY. Self Love is surrounding yourself with people who truly have your best interest at heart and to whom you can open your heart. Self love is taking care of your body, mind, and soul. self love is indulging in hobbies and interests. Self love is Treating yo self every now and then. self love is sharing your experiences and opinions with people.Self love is being content with just sitting with your thoughts. self love is going to see the new movie alone no one else wanted to see. One day you're gonna be the only one you've got so. FALL IN WITH YOURSELF!
this isnt love

this is you using me to love yourself even more
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