Quotes added on Wednesday, June 19 2019

I'm trying to be the person that you want me to be 
but I'm not, sure if I can meet those needs

Will you miss me when I'm gone?

I'll move on and forget you.

Today I'm not afraid of failure.
"The past is a flower. The future: the snow."

I wasn't ever close to perfect, but I never let you go.
[La Dispute-Bury Your Flame]


I will love you if I never see you again,
and I will love you if I see you everyday”
[Lemony Snicket]


I wish that you could stay I guess I'm always waiting for you
to come back and call my name like we both still felt the same
I'm miserable, and I don't want you to know
[Moose Blood-Talk in your sleep]


'cause days without you are my reminder that there's something wrong
[grayscale-paink!ller weather]
Do humans live for a long time? I have to put my trust in something that lasts longer. I can't make you my happiness. There needs to be another thing to hang around for. What if for the rest of my life, the happiest moment of each day is when you come home? It sounds special, but i fear that. What would i do if you didn't come home? What if i outlive you? What would i do then? If comfort is your arms and love is time spent with you...then love and comfort will all end with you. It doesn't have to end dramatically with death. What if you simply find someone new. What if i'm not ready to let go? How would i get you to stay? I'm insecure about a lot of things. You love me a lot, but what if that changes. I like myself for the most part too, i know i would live on for her. Family exist too, i wouldn't allow myself to break down in front of them. Realistically i know i would get through all of it. But i hope i don't have to...despite it being inevitable. If your heart never changes, then in a selfish way i hope you outlive me. I won't have to know what it's like to be without you that way. In a sadistic way, i want to outlive you. The thought of you not being coddled for even for one day makes my heart sad. 
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