Quotes added on Sunday, July 14 2019

I know your frustration.
It is my own.
Why won't I just smile, laugh, be happy
Why must I drown in this sorrow day in and day out?
Don't I want to be saved? Don't I want to be better?
You ask me why, why won't I get better?
But it's so hard to get better when all I've ever been is
It's so hard to climb out of this hole I'm in.
The walls are thick and the air is thin.
You stand at the mouth, rope at your feet
and tell me this is a battle I alone must beat.
I cry out, but my voice is too weak
and the hole is too deep
So I curl up and weep
As shadows and monsters creep
Inside the hole, to where I lay
And still you stand, one thing to say
"Help yourself. It's better that way."
There's both pain and silence
Raging war in my mind
The pain is deep and cuts like a knife
But the silence is so much worse
In silence I feel nothing
And I wonder if I'm still there
At least the pain
Reminds me that I am alive
For now, the pain is enough
And I will take it over the silence
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