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Someone broke your heart and you decided to hide it. For months on end you didn't let a single person near you. You became cold, a hollow human. You let men touch your body but definitely not your heart or mind. The idea of being unloveable became so familiar to you and the idea of another person wanting to call you theirs became foreign to you. Validiation is what you longed for but confidence is what you needed. Their words aren't your value. If they think you're cute or skinny it means nothing. Self worth will get you through.Believe in yourself and your capabilities to love and be loved. Be the sunshine that's needed on a snowy day. Melt the snow and people will flock to you.


We sometimes catch a window
A glimpse of what's beyond
Was it just imagination

Stringing us along?
More things than are dreamed about
Unseen and unexplained

We suspend our disbelief
We are entertained
Mystic rhythms capture my thoughts
Carry them away
Nature seems to spin

A supernatural way
Mystic rhythms under city lights
Or a canopy of stars

We feel the powers
And we wonder what they are.
As the French would say, 'Les Français ne diraient jamais 'Comme diraient les Français.''
Don't tell me the way, I can find it myself.  (But please tell me the way to the way.)
In hindsight, the absence of oversight was an oversight that revealed a lack of foresight as well as a need for greater insight into the dangers of shortsightedness.
On the other hand, getting found in the shuffle isn't necessarily all that hot either.
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