Quotes added on Monday, March 2 2020

let him know that you know best. cause afterall...you do. know. best.
how to be a friend. how to be a good friend. i think i know. keep secrets. share presents. be there for them. support them. reply to texts. texting them whenever. feeling comfortable with them enough to tell them whatever. then when you get to see them, don't dread it. enjoy being with them. i've subconsiously listen this in order of what i can do, to what i struggle with the most. keeping secrets is easy. buying presents, easy. enjoying the friendship? if i have kept it this long, then i must enjoy it surely. surely it's not because i haven't known better. surely.
my happy place.
she's renting out space in my happy place.
she doesn't even pay rent.
can't wait for her to leave.
one month she says.
i'm counting down the days.
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