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In life you have lessons learned. I had that the last day in February.  That is the night that i let my extremely toxic ex back in my life and ruin it for good.  Yes i could have stopped him from comiing out and joining us at the bar but i was drunk and "i missed him".  did i really miss him or did i just miss the fact that he was always there for me when i was crying at night or when i felt lost in this world. that i lost myself in his eyes again, i lost myself pride, my dignity, my everything.  i was doing fine without him in my life i am starting a new job i was house searching and then one drunk mistake changed everything.  his smile his eyes his laugh the way he looks at you when you say somthing stupid but in a cute way that he just automatically laughs and brings you in to kiss your forehead and say those three stupid words "I LOVE YOU".  no you dont because if you did i wouldnt be crying myself to sleep everynight, not sleeping sometimes, checking my phone every 5 minutes thinking you would text me or call me, waiting for you to drive to my house to come pick me up and say everything is good between us, or its the fact that i always see you on my snap and i just smile and then realize you dont care about me.  i have come to see the light at the end of this toxic tunnel i put myself down everytime.  

i know longer have your number in my phone i no longer mourn your hug or kiss or your smell.

i am free from you i dont need it.  
The whimper is louder than the bang.

To learn that all I really need to know I learned in kindergarten, I needed to go to graduate school.
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