Quotes added on Saturday, July 18 2020

And I wonder
do you ever just get so high
close your eyes
and imagine us together
in an infinite number of scenerios
just being happy?
Because I do
every single night
of my life.

take a look at this path you've chosen. one more wrong step and i might laugh. orange tape; it would be a disaster if you crossed it.  the type of attention you want, it won't be anything like that. who knows, maybe those words you sent me will turn and bite back at you. 
وَدَاعاً لِمَنْ فارقُوا حَيَاتَنَا ..لَسْنا نَحْنُ مَنْ خَسرناهُم، بَلْ هُمْ خَسِرونا Farewell to those who left our lives .. We are not the ones who lost them, but rather they lost us
Could I have the whole kit, but none of the caboodle?
Sitcoms have a laugh track because they must not have a cry track. 
I wouldn’t object to being conscious during brain surgery, as long as someone told me where to cut.
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