Quotes added on Saturday, June 4 2022

This broken escalator phenomenon called life.
Tempers flared?  It could have been worse - they could have been wide-leg.
I knew in the end she would do what she had to do. 

... I just never thought it would be my end she did it in. 
just having coffee for breakfast,
he said it's not healthy.
But Papa, i'm stuffed from the harsh words you've fed me.
humour me.

can you feel the desperation?
i think you're the best escape plan.
tall, dark and handsome;
yep that's my kind of man.

can you see the desperation?
i can play naughty or nice.
give me a part to play in the story of your life.
i can be distant or your doormat.
pull some strings, let me play the part.

do you hear the desperation?
come runaway with me.
you plus me...quite the equation.
come runaway with me.
i know the perfect destination.
i did try to be more aloof and colder.
but i think he just knew.
i was already wrapped around his finger.

i don't know what gave it away.
was it the star struck expression,
or the fact that i'd listen to every word he'd say?
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