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I watch the night
turn light blue

it's not the same

without you.
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The planet does not need
The planet desperately needs
more peacemakers, healers,
restorers, storytellers, and
lovers of all kinds.

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Can't wait for Christmas


t h i n k   o f   g i v i n g   u p


w h y  y o u  h e l d  o n  s o  l o n g

The most dangerous
people are those
have nothing to



y o u  d o n ' t  n e e d  w a t e r
t o  f e e l   l i k e   y o u  a r e
  d r o w i n g , d o  y o u ?


like ice melts
into rain
sometimes love
turns into pain.

I want to text you, just to remind you I'm still here. But then I remember, you know I'm still here. You just don't care.
I don't even want to try anymore because I feel unwanted and annoying and I'm afraid thats all I'll ever be.
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