Top Quotes Today

One of these days the sky's gonna break.

This drunk guy claimed that he was George Washington. 
I asked him for two forms of ID. He pulled out a dollar and a quarter. 
He wins.
back into my shell i crawl,
seriously regretting that i had even tried at all.

What she really wants
is for someone to break her beyond repair.

Don't tum away
or let me go
but god I need to leave.

You're going to look at me one day
and see everything that you hate in me
and everything that you love in her

You can't
you want
to last

and i don't get waves of missing you anymore they're more like tsunami tides in my eyes

And then sadness hit me like a
bullet in the back. I realized that my only
friends at 3am were the demons inside
my head and the loneliness inside my bed.

Your stupid jokes always made me laugh - not because they were funny; they never were. But because you, your presence and your energy, was enough to light up the most remote places on Earth. And now I'm left alone with nothing but memories of your stupid jokes and your stupid face and I can't stop thinking about that empty space you used to fill.

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