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You know what's hard?
Being put down so much in life that you just feel like nothing.


Sometimes in life you just need to distance yourself from people
and if they don't notice or leave then you know where you really
stood with them.

Theres a story athe bottom of this bottle
and I'the pen.



Well its finally over
We have moved on towards a new life 
to let go of the past, and embrace the future 
Letting one journey end and another begin 

God forbid yoever had to wake up
to hear the news

to have to lose.


Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into play,
and I can picture it after all these days. 
And I know it's long gone 
and that magics not here no more.
and I might be okay, but I'm not fine at all.


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I knew the words she spat like a book I had read a hundred times over,
yet it always seemed the words rolling off her tounge were fresh ink on the page.
I just want you to know that this is life. All we can do is tie the noose around our waists
instead of our fragile necks and let it swing us back and forth. All we can do is open our
hands wide and wear our heart on our fingers, loving everything we touch. This is life,
we only have one. All we can try to do is touch the minds of some strangers with words 
we carve out of bad memories and sadness hoping for someone to relate and tell us that
we can get through this. All I want you to know is that this is life and you can do this.
Do it for yourself, live it because you want to. This is your life and your mother spent 
nine months breaking her back carrying you; all you can give back is breaking a few bones
and your heart in order for you to be stronger. And this is life and it's not going to be 
spectacular at some moments but all you can do is paint your nails black and swallow 
yellow paint and lie to yourself and say "i'm going to be happy today" and do it. Be happy
because this is life and you will have to understand that you won't always have someone at the
door to open it for you, there will always be days where you have to push the door open
for yourself, and a stranger,  and days where you'll trip over her lies and fall apart from
his palm but this is life and you can not do it. Live it until you're 87 and you fall apart 
from chest pains and you will forget about your grandkids, but your lover will be by your
side reading you love letters you sent to each other when you were separated by the seas,
this is life, and this is now, and I believe in you.


And they all got the same heartbeat
but hers is

f a l i n g  b e h i n d .



"Yeah, I'm fine."
(No, really, I'm dying inside)
"I ate already."
(Actually, I haven't eaten in days)
"School was good."
(They all hate me there)
"I'm just cold."
(I've added new scars)
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