Top Quotes Today

(worst and best version)

1. I hate myself. So much. Cripplingly so.
2. I never, ever show my thighs. Actually, I rarely show much skin at all other than forearms, feet, and the collarbone up.
3. I'm really good at dealing with abusive people and I will protect you.
4. I will always, no matter what stand up for you, even if I don't agree with you (unless it specifically goes against my deepest morals).
5. Terrible study partner. Truly horrific to be honest. You'll just get angry with me because I won't do any work.
6. I can be really rude to people I just meet. Or standoffish. Or, worse, just dismissive of them.
7. Inside jokes are my specialty. We shall have a billion, and it shall be grand.
8. I fxcking hate it when people ask me invasive questions as if they have a right to know. I hold people at a distance for a reason.
9. My singing voice isn't actually that bad. I won't make your eardrums bleed, at least. Unless I'm trying to belt out Let It Go. 
10. If we're in the same fandoms, prepare for the biggest emotional rollercoasters of your life.
11. + I'll write you lots of crapfics.
12. + I'll draw you lots of trashart.
13. I'll probably try to pull you into shxtty baking blogs. You will comply bc you love me.
14. I am so messy. Oh my god, I'm so messy. It's a disaster site. Remnants of a bomb blast. Good Lord, I'm SO MESSY. Clothes all over the floor and papers under the kitchen table and fuzzy pipecleaners on the window sill for no apparent reason. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
15. My room will usually have 3-5 book towers in varying degrees of stability.
16. When you cath me staring hollowly at my hands, you'll know to keep a special eye on me to make sure I don't do something stupid.
17. I find LGBTQA+ pride rallies triggering of panic attacks.
18. I come alive during the night.
19. I look really stoic and calm and confident around other people but the second I'm behind closed doors my shoulders slump and I'm exhausted to the point of tears.
20. I will try to move out when I have a particularly bad philophobia-induced depressive period. And you stop me, if you can.

(as requested in q/7053680)

1. Ice cream must be in the freezer at all times.
2. I take several naps throughout the day. I swear I was a cat in my last life.
3. Except I'm not as agile as a cat and am prone to dropping and breaking shxt, especially glass.
4. I like to hang upside down from the couch.
5. No movie makes me cry like a Disney movie.
6. I don't wear tampons. If we run out of pads, bxtch, you better go to the store and get some ASAP. Aunt Flo can't wait.
7. I'll walk around in only a t-shirt and underwear any time I feel like it (and I always feel like it).
8. Don't talk to me when I'm reading or have my headphones on. If you do either expect a snarky response (or no response at all).
9. I love country music. Get over it.
10. Don't let dirty dishes or clothes accumulate. I'll scream.
11. Pretty much all I drink is brewed tea, and it has to be cold. Like my heart.
12. I put bologna in my scrambled eggs.
13. I'm hopeless with potted plants. Always kill them.
14. Same with fish. We won't have either.
15. You'll get used to the Harry Potter obsession. Or, better yet, share it.
16. I'm a chronic midnight snacker, which means frequent trips from the bedroom to the kitchen and a failed attempt to be quiet every time.
17. Ask before you borrow any of my shxt.
18. We have to keep a large supply of conditioner. I go through a bottle faster than you can say thick hair don't care.
19. I let my hair air dry after a wash, and I strongly resemble a male lion. And only I am allowed to say so.
20. If you snore, forget everything above. Your axss is on the street.

(as requested in q/7053680)

1. I take lone night walks. Some nights I'm gone for forty-five minutes. Some nights I'm gone for two hours. But if I'm gone for longer than three, send a search party.
2. I play too many instruments, and will try to fit them all together somewhere. Otherwise they'll be lonely! :(
3. I only use my gluten-free diet to my own benefit. Don't wanna eat that? I'm gluten-free. Otherwise, give me gluten.
4. But it makes me sick and my skin /wretched/ so sometimes I try to stick to it, but also soMETIMES I WANT BREAD THAT DOESN'T HAVE THE TEXTURE OF SHXT.
5. I have a carrot onesie that I will wear. Every movie night.
6. Sometimes I have this thing called sensory overload, and please, p l e a s e  do not touch me during this. Or turn on the lights. I might freak out and run away and get hurt (and I have finally learned that my safety matters). It's like a panic attack that every sense adds to every second my mind processes something external. I promise I don't hate you. 
7. Anyone you want can come 'round, at any time. Unless I'm in the shower.
8. I love YouTube. I  l o v e  Y o u T u b e. It's one half of my support system. The other half is my basketball shoes--they were BUILT for my ankles, you know?
9. I play video games when I'm upset, and when I'm happy, and when I'm completely numb. I really like it when you watch me. 
10. I will sort the laundry. I will wash the laundry. I will transfer the laundry from the washer to the drier. BUT I WILL NOT FOLD THE LAUNDRY. (Unless you do a terrible job, and then I will refold the laundry.)
11. I go on rants about gender norms regularly. Bear with me. Even better, add and agree!
12. I watch Wizard of Oz a lot, and it makes me super emotional. I don't know why. And I know a lot about the making of and the actors and story and such. Don't make fun of me. Or Judy Garland. I will end you.
13. I don't cry. Sad movie? Nope. Favorite book stolen? Nope. Breakup? Nope. Death in the family? Probably not. Punched in the nose? Maybe.
14. Birthdays are a big thing.
15. My nightmares can get really bad, and sometimes I'll sit/lay down on the floor by your bed to feel better. But I won't ever wake you up.
16. If you're dating an axshole, I will tell you.
17. I wear boxers. Shorts, briefs, whatever. Not always with decent coverage. Sxck it up, buttercup. I have great legs.
18. I'm OCD. I really am. But I've trained myself not to mess with YOUR stuff. And I need affirmation about that because it is /so/ hard.
19. I'll cook for you. I'll bake for you too, if I don't eat everything first. 
20. I'll always be bugging you about getting a bunny. I just want a fxcking bunny.

i   w i l l   n o t   a p o l o g i z e
I've realized I'm the kind of person who needs constant validation that someone likes/loves me
I dread the day that my heart will break
it's sad, but life is full of sudden goodbyes
you're the only person in the world who makes me believe even if just for a day that i'm not as horrible of a person as i think i am and that i shouldn't hate myself like i do


"And of all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you" 🎶
always tell someone how you feel, because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regrets can last for a lifetime.
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