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I don't get to get away

But I go places in my head

I make art with pretty words

As I lay in my bed

No sleep

No peace or love

No dreams of dreaming

No dreams at all 

No one here to catch me

Whenever I fall
Scars, and sadness

And bones and a cold chill

And emptiness and hunger

No dreams to fulfill

I used to dream

A long time ago

But those dreams faded

All the madness created

So unappreciated

I feel fake

Just like my smile

No rest for a while

No rest at all

No one to catch me

As I fall

This pain is all I know

Nothing to hold on to

So I can't let it go

You can't get out of a prison

If it is in your mind

It doesn't matter how much I search

Freedom I will never find

No looking forward

To better days ahead

No matter how much I write

There is so much that goes unsaid

Sad poem, like all the rest...

You love attention more than me, thats where you f_cked up.
tme ashton has the best hair. 
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Dear,Dora The Explora
You've been 5 years old for about 11 years now.
What's your secret?
Women are like angels.
When somebody breaks our wings,we simple continue to fly, on a broomstick.
e're flexible like that!
Laugh and sneer you prisoners. At the good fortune that came to those who smiled, and its messengers too.
Slander and criticize, and then, I won't need anyone else. Just leave me alone.
If I sulk around and walk a long, long distance.... I'll forget how to love along the way.

early in the mornin' rise into the street, light me up that cigarette and I'll strap shoes on my feet. Got to find a reason, reason things went wrong, got to find a reason my money is all gone 

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