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                              look at the stars
                         look how they shine
                                   for you



tell me lies,

fairytales of you and i


 nothing’s changed, no one can take your place,

it gets harder every day.

Truthfully I didn't need to go that way. Honestly I, had another motive that day. Truthfully I. Honestly I, just wanted to see you. No other reason, I genuinely just wanted to see you. Truthfully I try my best not to avoid you sometimes, other days I hope I don't run into you. Honestly you don't know the effect you have on me. Truthfully, I'm glad.
do u know how hard I am trying to become what you want me to be.
Looking for Friends
I blamed you. 
I was angry at you. 
I made you the murderer,
and I, your victim. 
But I was wrong,
for all of it. 
I blame myself
and I'm angry at myself
When realized I was the one holding the knife
Some days I just wish you would leave me, so that I wouldn’t have to. 
Others, I lay awake at night afraid that you will..


if you wanna find love
then you know
where the city is



I try to live without you,
the tears fall from my eyes;
I’m alone and I feel empty,
god I’m torn apart inside.
I look up at the stars,
hoping you’re doing the same,
and somehow I feel closer,
and I can hear you say
oh... I miss you,
oh... I need you.
   — Stay

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