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you're fine, you just need some time.
the ache in your knees will subside.
baby you're fine.

your skin will turn to iron and your heart will blush again.
some day these bullet-like exchanges won't bring you any pain.

when the grey ceiling mumurs a "good morning" to you,
and when having ammonia in your lungs has become normal to you:
even then, bubby, you're going to be fine.

choose to be nice to yourself every day.
show up, check on your friends, eat your meals on time and rest when you can.

it's sad realising how alone you are.
why were you running so hard? who was this all for?
smiles and words you wanted so badly: they were never for you.
how heavy these burdens are, how endless these tears are.
the herniated hip from birth, it certainly was signposting to what was to come.

it hurts more deeply the more you think about it.
the grieving can pause while you sleep.

before bed, without much thought: sleep.
no lucid dreaming, just rest.

without wanting it to:
it hurts, it hurts, it hurt.
without wanting to:
i have to accept it. i think i will have to do that from now.

it's hard, but i will be fine.
you always have time, you've always got time.

you'll be fine.
Last night I questioned my belief in God.  But my belief in God had an airtight alibi.


Joana Tavares  | Adult |   RJ - Brasil 

Owner of extinct blog Stardoll Gratis Brasil

Dona do extinto blog Stardoll Gratis Brasil

I used to play as a kid and all the way through high school,
now I just come here once in awhile for the nostalgia I guess.

This site was a big part of my childhood and one of the reasons
I learned english, and for that I am thankfull.


Joguei muito stardoll na infância até o ensino médio,
agora só volto aqui as vezes pela nostalgia
e mais recentemente, pela quarentena x-x

Esse site foi uma grande parte da minha infância e
é uma das ferramentas que me ajudou a aprender inglês e por isso, sou grata.

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