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i'll be the actress starring in your bad dreams

"There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you'll be free if you truly wish to be."

- Willy Wonka

you can get addicted
to a certain kind of sadness

i need a break can i just get a friggin break

but everytime you hurt me, 
the less that i cry

and everytime you leave me,
the quicker these tears dry

My younger sister is my best friend, but she doesn't know. She knows the most about me, I really like taking with her about whatever comes to mind. I can be myself completely. We fight a lot too about petty stuff, but it's never serious. She is my best friend. I won't tell her, because she would worry about me. "What about [insert friends name here]?" Would be the first thing she says back. And I don't want her to worry. She is a bit younger than me, I feel like I still have this proper image to uphold when I'm with her. It would hurt my pride if she knew how I really felt most of the time. She is my closest friend. Maybe when we're older I can tell her. Maybe when I'm older I will have made new friends. Maybe when my depression goes away. Who knows.

" A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men."

- Roald Dahl
  i feel broken inside and i dont know what to do
i feel like any minute id lose my mind like i lost you
i can't let go of this pain
i cant let go of this urge to break down this time
being strong is really hard to do

i dont know how much more i can possibly take
how many more smiles 
i could possibly fake
how many more miles  these scarred up legs can make


Sadly, sometimes the people who take permanent residence in your heart will be the ones who walk very temporarily with you in your life.


Sometimes when I'm having a bad day...
I google image puppies.


Seriously, how can you be upset with this little guy?!

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