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its been YEAAAARS since ive been on here and i miss this so much. 🥺 I need more friends. lets chat.

I created this account when I was 13. I used it until I was 15. It was an outlet for me that I really needed through middle school to beginning highschool. 
After a sleepless night of thinking about my past, I remembered this website. Surprisingly enough, I still knew my login. I wanted to post something for younger's an update to young Lexie:

You are now 25.
You have had many first kisses. 
Music has always been and still is your favorite thing. 
One Direction broke up years ago. 
You have several tatoos now.
You've seen My Chemical Romance in concert.
You made it to New York City.
“You’re never going to make friends if you keep your nose buried in a book.”

“Let’s hope.”
Perfection has more than one state.
Getting back into theater has been such a great outlet for me. Currently digging into my latest role as Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream. I really want to put the effort into my research so that I can bring her to life.

i feel so sorry yet so misunderstood.
i wish you loved me in the ways you never could.
my aching stomach. this nervous tension.
i hope you're not still sobbing in the kitchen.
my aching stomach. this nervous tension.
it'll die down and ramp up again.
it'll grow awkward and we'll speak again.
i'm sorry and so sad.
i pray you will still love me any way that you can.

i really hate myself right now.
It helps to remember that you have felt similar feelings before.
Each time you made it out alive- regardless of how unprepared or stupid you may have felt.
You don't get to enjoy every single moment of your life.
There is dread, anxiety and regret.
That is life.
As much as it is good, it is bad.
Just overcome.
Like you've always done.
Thinking about moving to the Equator so I can be upgraded to a tropical depression.
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