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            i don't know why,
                     but KEEP THINKING something's
                     bound to go WRONG.

gimme a heart so i know where my peeps went!

So I left class to get a drink.
I bend down and start drinking
and this little kid is repeating in the hall behind me
"Again. And Again. And Again."
So I look around and say "Be Quiet. I have a thirst to quench."
And realize he is trying to shove himself into his locker.
I stare at him a moment and he says
"I'm going home"
my school everyone

i've just come across all of my old witty accounts, earliest being from 2010, i think. part of me wishes that i'd kept the same one for these six years, because the character development would be so easy to look at.
why is tidying so difficult?
i'm going to be okay without you
We all have scars from loving someone too much
when will I find my rainbow?
the guy i liked got mad that i was mad that he was ignoring me, so he blocked me on everything. but like, im pretty sure he never broke up with his gf, and he had three kids, one of which is just 4 years younger than me. and i think he was just trying to get in my pants. so i really shouldnt be upset. but i am. i should never have tried talking to him. i should have preserved my positive feelings for him.

you were so selfish and i loved you for it. you can't truly love a person if you don't love everything about them - including their flaws. i loved all the things you used to be and all the things you were and all the things you had yet to become. i loved every mistake you ever made. i loved it all. i loved you all. but i realized you didn't love me for what i was. you didn't love all of me, only bits and parts of me. you loved me for what i could be and not what i was, and that's not love at all.

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