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Amethyst is the purple form of quartz, it is also the most valuable and prized of its family. The name originated from the Greek "amethystos" which translates to "not drunk" and was carried around to ward off inebriation in ancient times. This is the birthstone for February.
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coulda got the same rush

from any lover's touch,

But why
get used to
something new?


    -poem by Christine Vega
reminiscing bout these people I'm missing
hearing their voices, seeing their smiles
but knowing "reality" can't run that extra smile
I can't feel your touch
I miss your love, I know your there
in the heavens above...
What's reality anymore?!
I'm stuck here in a fantasy!
Why can't anyone see what grief has done to me?
Misery, dispair, agony, torture
that's what life is like without singing for you
remember when I was a kid
I'd sing all your oldies songs
but yeah you'd sing along too
reminiscing everynight
I was always there for you, but of course
you was here for me too
I love you, but I don't know what to do...
       -Poem by Christine Vega
Only 10 years old in this world on her own
Sitting in her bed, feeling all alone
Forced to call this hell a "home sweet home"
I understand, I been there before
Barely ever eating, I was sleeping on the floor
Knock upon the door
Hoping for an angel
But just another guy tryna grip her by her ankles
Her friends say she's "living the dream"
Grass aint greener on the other side
It's not how it seems
Cos I can fake a smile, I can fake laugh
But I'd never tell the truth
I'm too good for that
How everytime I meet a man he wants to make me cry?
Why you do me like that?
Why you tell all these lies?
Cos when you fall inlove
That's the day you start to die.
Since we were little girls
we're declared targets
Being shot constantly by perverts and bullies
But they never cared bout what they did to me
Remember what I said it's not how it seems
I'll continue to smile and continue to laugh
But like life is all innocent
I won't act like that
And that's a damn fact

and I bet everybody here
is just as insincere.







& time doesn't stop

for anybody.


Though i walk through the midst of trouble, You preserve my life; 
You stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes,
with your right hand you save me.
-psalm 138:7-

We have this quiet friendship going and it's an odd comfort. I didn't wait up next to you because I didn't want to seem overbearing. I took the long way round and when you crossed over first, I saw that smug smile, but you weren't happy. I wasn't trying to avoid you. I'm trying to stay on your good side but when I do that, I always put more distance between us. I think I left a good first impression, but now you're disappointed. I'm sorry. Let's go back to being strangers for a while. I know I give off a cold atmosphere, but I'll warm up to you with time.
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