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But honestly dear,
the only way I will really smile
is if you cut me ear to ear. 
if you only knew what I want to say
if I only knew the way..
do i really have my life together
or is my mind a trick so clever
how do I form these questions?
a lifeless pain of answers
tickening as they dance
among the red lite glance
I can't even tremble here
can you hear my heart shed it's tear
sometimes I question my everything
but what do I except it to bring?
I can't lie, I just don't know
random words wont always glow
so why force my reason to understand?
if I question who I really am
Now you're not what I'm looking for but I am so cold and a fire is a fire.
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Okay, real talk:
"Drown" by BMTH is a great song. So what if Oli isn't screaming, or if it isn't as hardcore anymore? Go listen to something like Capture The Crown or Tear Out The Heart if you want something hardcore. The guys obviously worked hard on this song, and wanted to try something new. And I think it's great. If you don't, oh well. No one is forcing you to listen to it, go listen to their old stuff. Just don't hate on them for giving something new a go.

why do i always mess things up. i have the perfect bf and i do this to him and now i feel like crap. it sucks alot. i just want to make him happy he means the world to me. :(

his eyes are the blue
of the sky the day he left
his shirt was gray; the way
he made me feel
his lips were red
the color of love
and i am green; the color of envy
of the girl he is with now


i'm absolutely terrified 
that i'm going to annoy  you
& drive you away with my 
texts and constant desire to
converse with you. but, is
that really such a bad thing?

Maybe I should just delete your number, at least I wouldn't annoy you.
I'm not an easy person to be with. I know that. I probably won't even try to make it easier for you. I'll be really difficult at times. It may seem that, at times, I don't want you, and I don't like you, but I do. I'll be a challenge, because I'm not the sort of person to let people walk all over.  I'm not someone who puts up with bull. I'm not the person who will give you sympathy comments. When I say something, I mean it. If people are mean to me, I'll throw them out of my life. I'm annoying, I'm hilarious, and I'm the worlds biggest jerk. I'll make you want to scream and punch walls; i'll ruin your day but save it at the very last minute. I'll drive you crazy and, sometimes you'll hate my guts. But even through all that's going to happen, and I swear it will, I have an amazing side to me. I do. I have a giant heart. I'll always be there when you need me. Even if my life is impossibly knotted, I'll try and untangle yours by listening and loving. I won't stop caring about you, not even if you push me away. You're different from everyone else, and I like that. It's refrehing to find someone different in this world, because way too many people are the same :') 
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