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You're the type of cold that should send a chill down my spine. You act all aloof all the time and if I didn't know any better I'd think you were too cool for me. You have this icy air about you, but it all melts away whenever were standing face to face. I don't bother with telling you to smile more, instead I like trying to give you a reason to smile. And boy do you have a silly sense of humour...that matches mine just fine. I love that your scary scowl cracks into a warm smile whenever I'm around. I love that I'm in your comfort zone.
Life is not just to run and run, it is also not just to have fun. Life is complete when we get something worthwhile done.-RVM 
I don't expect the good things in life to be handed to me. Just wheel them up to the sofa, and I'll reach over and get them myself.
Some hearts are broken, others are popped like a zit.
i need to remind myself
to stop making my presence on social media so important to me and to stop letting it determine my worth. i didn't get a lot of likes on a picture? so what? i barely ever get comments on my pictures and if i do they aren't from guys? so what? half my followers don't like my shít because they don't like what i post? so fưcking what. i know i am worth a lot more than a bunch of pictures, statuses, videos, and posts. i am worth more than followers, likes, comments, and notes. there is so much more to me besides what i post about myself on the internet and i am so blessed to have people in my life who appreciate my true self. meanwhile half the people out there with 20k instagram followers and guys constantly sliding in their dms are actually lonely as fưck and are wishing someone could be there for them, are wishing there was someone out there who really understood them and could talk to them about anything. i am more than my social media self. i am a person with hopes, dreams, ambitions, fears, quirks and experiences, all of which people on social media could never know. i will post what i want, do what i want and not care how people react because in the grand scheme of things i know the importance of others reactions will always be microscopic.

It’s a strange way of saying that i know,
I'm Supposed to LOVE YOU...


Some nights

it gets
so bad
that I







format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

I cast a spell over the west
to make you think of


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Image is from tumblr, original photographer unknown.
sexx was everywhere. 
it didnt really mean too much.
but love was the hard thing to find.
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