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    sad but rad :3
F.ucking parkour :(
Brother: *sneezes*
Brother:Bless you.
Brother: Thanks.
Yesterday a boy from my town died.
An amazing, beautiful and loveable guy.
We will always remember him.

♥♥♥ R.I.P. Teo ♥♥♥
On Scooby-Doo, thay always assume that the monster is a ghost
maybe we got lost in translation, maybe i asked for too much                         
BUT MAYBE THIS THING WAS A                                                                 
                                                                                       ( 'til you tore it all up )

cause there we are again, where i loved you so
before you lost the one real thing          ♥︎
You've eveR Known

 I need food....

                        Yes i do make mistakes.
                         So don't you b*tch. 

                        Yes i do make mistakes.
                         So don't you b*tch. 
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