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I don’t know if I’m good or evil, but I know I’m special.
Mommy told me so.

coming up on 6 years since I joined Witty... Feels so nostalgic logging on

Are you aware

of what you make me feel, baby? Right now I feel invisible to you, like I'm not real. 

Eminem - Space Bound

but everytime you hurt me, 
the less that i cry

and everytime you leave me,
the quicker these tears dry

Didn't know she was with anyone else
No its not about Nick; the new guy. (12:35)

You take the breath

right out of me and
left a hole where my heart should be

Eminem - Space Bound

You're so cold

place your hand in mine

Eminem - Space Bound
I see that as a step forward. Might suck in the moment, the not knowing, but one day it'll all be clear. So, last night I literally spent all night talking Jessica out of suicide. Our sweet, always happy, Jessica; (the mexican one). She &' I use to be so close, like its unbelievable. Shes so heartbroken dude and it sucks cause Ive been on both sides of this. All back in my feels now. (10:02 am on monday)

should I just tell you, or
should I write on the sky,
in your praise -
far be the evil eye..
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