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your mind is made of magic
We salute the Brain, that made the Plane and the Train…But who made the Brain?
On this shirt
I found your smell
And I just sat there for ages
Contemplating what to do with myself
in a way
i am
over you,
and then again
falling asleep feels
like dying,
and i can't seem to
wake up in the mornings.
i stopped talking to you
because i thought you would
miss me. but in the end
i'm the one who is missing you
more than ever.
format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEAS
and although time may take us
into different places i will still be patient for you

© format coded by: br0kenwings
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I found a monster under my skin.

She’s all craving and wild,
Long howls and strong limbs.
She paces through my veins,
Feet hitting earth like drum beats,
I hear her coming when my blood
She’s got fire in her eyes,
And prey in her teeth,
Jaws like vows, unyielding,
Iron like her will.
I promised her the world,
And she ate it whole, hungry still.

My girlhood was spattered like blood with girls hating each other for being prettier and fighting over a boy who didn’t make any effort for one or the other, character assassinating each other by calling someone well liked a wh.ore, a s.lut, a b.itch and relishing in the fall of female celebrities from their ‘pedestals’.

My girlhood was a war against my body until it looked just like the girls in the magazine, a war in which I attacked myself with weapons like wax, razors, creams until every part of me looked like it belonged to someone else.

My girlhood was made of wilting dreams and innocence lost never to be replaced with anything but sad understandings about womanhood.

Not all girls are made of
Sugar and spice and all things nice.
Some are made of witchcraft and wolf
And a little bit of vice.

bad b1tches hmu :p
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