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19 Hilairious things to say when you prank call somebody (or

19 Hilairious things to say when you prank call somebody (or get prank called)

1.Call up the local Chinese eat out and insist on ordering some American fast food and why they should include it in the menu! Throw a tantrum!

2.Ask them if they would like to adopt a baby kangaroo.

3. Pretend you know the person and say things like "Hey Karen, hows the dog ? we need to catch up soon......." things like thattt.

4. Say nothing at all. Just put the phone on mute.

5. Call someone up and pretend you didnt know you called them. Just have a regular conversation with your friend. Make it funny.

6. Make sex noises.

7. Tell them your refridgerator is running then yell help.

8. Tell them your outside your window.

9.Ask them for their advice on your hairy back problem.

10. Call someone you know and say things you know about them like "you still going out with danya?" "hows your dog max?" in a weird voice.

11. Play music. Just keep switching the song about every 7 seconds.

12. Call up a pizza place and ask them how much their sneakers are or something random that they don't sell.

13. Do the pops commerical. Have someone say "CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH" and the other person say "YELLO CRUNCH RESIDENCE, YELLO, YELLO"

14. Tell them you have the results to their pregancy test.

15. Order a pizza and send it to a random house.

16. Call  your local pizza place and ask for their speacials. Once they answer say "Do you have Dominos Number?"

17. Tell them you have their results to their blood test and that they might want to sit down to hear this.

18. Call up a pizza place and ask them how much their large is. When they answer say "does it tend to give you gas"

19. Call up a guy and say "my aunt flow came early this month, can i borrow a tampon?"

* idk i was bored. might make more. not all of them are mine.


andriyko18h 7 months ago
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i use this auto dialer , its very good)
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xoalicecullenxo 4 years ago
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i got prank called by this girl who now hates me or someone she was with cuz she was at the high skool football game. whoever said "hi is this victorias secret? i need an extra large underwear" it was so annoying and it was friday so i havent tlked to her yet
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