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NOT A QUOTE, SORRY HEY EVERYONE its FallinLayouts (from lovexplosions)

its FallinLayouts
(from lovexplosions)
you can request a layout; examples are in on my profile
please state the layout type ( the layout type are above each layout on my profile) like eg: LAYOUT #1..etc.
1. A link to the picture you want
if you dont have one, you can tell me what you like
and i can find the picture for you (:

2. Number of boxes and what you would like to name each one
3. If you want a permanent word; any thing you want, 
your name, username..etc (you can't change it) as the title, 
or somewhere else in the layout. (OPTIONAL)

4. the type of layout you want, go to my profile to see the examples.
the layout type is to let me know what layout TYPE you want (not the picture) because everyone's saying "small layout" and most of them are small, so i wouldn't know which one, soo if you include that, i will know which SMALL LAYOUT you want..i'll get an idea. (comment if you dont understand) haha

i will comment on your profile
to tell you when your layout
is made (:
the layout will be in the website
given below on the PICK UP PAGE.
find your layout and copy and paste it in your witty. (:

go to this site

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