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Half of me wanted to scream at you, To hurt you like you hurt

Half of me wanted to scream at you,
To hurt you like you hurt me,
To watch as waves of shock crashed over,
And make this just a memory.

But part of me wanted to fall to my knees,
To beg, to desperately plead,
No! It can't end like this,
You just left me here to bleed.

Though through all the time I've known you,
Occasionally you shed a tear,
But now, dry-eyed, you leave me,
Unable to speak, to see, to hear.

I shout after you to remember,
All the special times we've shared.
You stop for a moment, your back to me,
Immobilized, I wish to flee,
To leave you, like you left me,
But only time will tell.

Our friendship was a mere fragment,
And though mended many times,
You've made it clear it is now broken,
Split in two,
Unable to be partly mended once more,
It was once, what we said, 'unbreakable',
But what went wrong?
You never said... all along...

With your back turned as you consider,
I feel our friendship dangling from a string,
It is a fragile, lovely, though broken,
Delicate, unstable thing.

But then I hear the door slam,
An echo bounces of the walls,
Though it is louder, ten times more clear
In my mind, what little hope that was left now falls.

I am shaking, crying, unable to stop,
I am stunned, even amazed,
That you won't consider it a great loss,
Our friendship, you will continue unfazed.

I curl up in bed that night in the dark,
My pillow was damp within minutes,
I should have listened... should have known...
Our friendship was on the line,
Was rocky all that time,
I was warned by many,
But never did I heed,
Those words of cautions from them all,
Oh why did you leave me to bleed?

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