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&YET,YOUSTiLL FAiLTOREALiZE just 'cause everyone else wears

just 'cause everyone else
wears it, it doesnt make u
neon      skinny        jeans
and being
"s c e n e"
might make
you  "stylish"
but  your just          another  clone.
and that blue die in
your     hair?,,
s  l o w l  y
eating   your     head
you camera whores
The    last    thing
h e r e   I s    y o u




xDaniixGoesxRawrRx 1 decade ago
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Ok listen . WHo the are you to say this about scenes. You need to get a life. I know this is your opinion but seriously, get your facts straight.
I wear neon skinnies, sometimes tease my hair, and im a cheerleader. No im not a poser. No Im not scene. Im just me. Just cause they dye there hair doesnt mean its bad it doesnt mean they camera whores who want attention. Its what they want to wear , and its their choice. So please stfu!
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ShelbySays 1 decade ago
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Preppy isn't any better dear.
because don't ALL of those "preppy" girls pretty much wear their hair the same way, do their make-up the same way, wear the same clothes and wear them the same way? so what gives you the right to judge these "scene" girls? Maybe they aren't trying to be different, maybe they are just wearing what makes them happy and comfortable... something that makes them feel a little more like themselves.
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