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♥Tears Tears Tears ♥ 
 ♥Friends Friends Friends ♥ 
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You wipe your tears knowing that some more                            are coming. your out of tissues and you can't control the fact that whatever you think about                                you wanna cry. All of your friends couldn't handle what you where going through and                                      decide to quit on you. make you decide on your own handle your problems on                                               your own. not know at any given time you could take your own life. your family                                                  doesn't understand. your the only child and your parents are more                                                                           interested on fighting then to listen to their own daughter and help.                                                                        your tired of venting to your pets and taking it out on them cause they                                                                   are the only ones that listen. and that smile that used to shine upon your                                                      face has gone away for ever. and its all because of him. a single boy, a                                                                  stupid, low, boy. a Boy that broke your heart. you might give your life up                                                               because a boy. you feel hard for him and he  didn't fall hard for you.                                                                    there are tons  of fish in the sea Sweetie. and you are going to fall                                                                        in love tons of  more times before you actually find the right one.  their                                                                   are people who care so much about you so don't ever think....

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