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One sad day for he When death was last to be No one had the

 One sad day for he 
When death was last to be 
No one had the clue it would be 
Nor was anyone there to see 
Cause on the day for clapping and cheering 
Actually came groping and tearing 
For Years ago today was the day he woke to fright 
And now today he walked towards that same light
And thus made him leave on his happiest day 
With the family having a river of tears to say 
But he couldnt do a single thing 
But watch an angel come down with a golden ring. 
So there he goes 
To the place everyone seeks to know 
But its not a total loss 
Cause now he can watch over them like their own boss 
For only protection and care 
He stands with a dead stare 
Day and Night down in earth he stays waiting to repay them 
For Every little thing his family has done for him

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posted February 22, 2010 at 12:07am UTC tagged with away messages

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