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~my last goodbye~ this is my goodbye note so if u wake up tomorrow

~my last goodbye~
this is my goodbye note
so if u wake up tomorrow and not see me u kno where i am
and so u kno it was ur fault
u pushed me to the edge
u loved me but hated me at the same time
but everywhere i went i would see u
it would remind me of everything that i hated to remember and u wouldnt care
i knew u did u just didnt want to show it
well this is my last goodbye even if u dont care
my last hour has come
the bells r ringing for me to come home
the heavens r callin me now
its ur last chance to tell me how u feel
but once again u dont care
and i dont kno y i care so much
ur the one whoe did thsi to me
and u could careless about wut i do to myself or to others for that matter
just b/c ur a hollow man inside and u dont think anyone cares
but i do care .. even though u dont care
so this is my last goodbye
cuz everything is fading now
its gettin harder for me to see
and its harder to breath
but u still dont care about me
so even if u dotn care i'm using my last breath to tell u
i love u , always have , and always will <33

writen by : Doreen E. Akins

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posted April 23, 2006 at 6:44am EDT tagged with break up

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