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Do you know what? Y O U A R E B E A U T I F U L, you don't need

Do  you  know  what?
Y O U  A R E  B E A U T I F U L,
you don't need some guy to tell you that.
If he's walking away, maybe he isn't strong enough to stand next to you.
Maybe he just can't handle how everyone stares at him when he's with you.
But it's not because they're thinking "he could do better" it's cause all those boys are thinking
"wow, he's a lucky guy."
and all those girls are thinking
"I wish I could be like her."
Maybe he just can't stand being compared to you,
because you are smart, beautiful, and shine everywhere you go.
Maybe he's with her because he knows no one will notice him with her. He doesn't care that
she's nothing he was looking for, because its his way of hiding.
But he doesn't know that it just makes him stand out even more to you.
Maybe he's not with you,
because he just can't stand the thought of losing you,
and hurting that much,
even though thats the kind of hurt you feel
right now.


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