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Theres Always A little Truth Behind Every "Just Kidding"

Theres Always A little Truth Behind Every
"Just Kidding"

A Little Knowledge Behind
"I don't know"

A little Emotion behind
"I Don't Care"

& A little Pain Behind
"It's Okay"


_dominique 9 years ago
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best quote ever.
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MACEface 9 years ago
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sorry If I've jocked it, I saw it on a facebook profile and thought it was nice =)

Credit to who ever
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AnchorChasing 9 years ago
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seen it before. but i think its like everywhere? lol
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heartbreakwarfare 9 years ago
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omg thats on my phone and i love it so true
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posted June 5, 2010 at 9:06pm EDT tagged with friendship

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