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♥I love you J.S.C♥ When I go to bed I think of

I love you J.S.C
When I go to bed I think of you, and at 6oclock every morning i have a text from you because you know I wake up at 6:13 and you want to make sure that I knew you were thinking of me. You get super over protective if any guy even looks at me let alone talks to me. You still like to hang out with me & my family even when my Dad was farting when you came over for dinner for the first time. You forgive me after every mistake I make even if its one way worse than you would ever make. You hold me really tight when I cry and u squeeze your eyes really tight because you dont like seeing me cry because it makes you sad to. When we went to Cedar Point you went on all the little kid rides with me even tho you wanted to ride all the big roller coasters, just because I was to scared and you wanted to be with me. March tenth two-thousand and ten was the best day of my life. You are and always will be my bestfriend.
I love you baby.


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Lovely_bones 1 decade ago
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wow OBSESSED much?? i hate girls like this! U DONT KNOW WHAT LOVE IS!!!????
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