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<//3 the following just happened a second ago...(please read)


the following just happened a second ago...(please read)
I was talking to my bestfriend/boyfriend as i ALWAYS do. (we would talk everyday; and we just started going out a week ago, and now texted even more) . we have so many memories and so much history. well, he randomly got mad at me and wouldnt tell me why. we started fighting, and by the end, i poured my heart out in a 5 page long apology/i love you text. His reply was "k." my heart sank. he told me, just the night before, that he'd 'LOVE ME FOREVER AND ALWAYS NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS BECAUSE I WAS THE BEST  THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO HIM <3 ' i got butterflies and went to sleep so happy.
well today was different. i looked at my phone , (after he'd said 'k'), and saw '1 new message'.
it said 'lets just b fends'  <<he didnt even SPELL OUT THE SENTENCE :'( . i burst into hysterics. "did we just break up...? :'(" i managed to type, with shaky fingers. 'yea. bye.' was his response.

im brokenhearted. in fact, its my first broken heart. he's a jerk, and he lied. because forever just ended.

within 15 minutes, all of my friends found out we broke up and sent me sympathy texts. "r u ok??" "im here for u girlie" and "he's not worth your time". were some of the attempts to make me feel better. i replyed, "im fine." to everyone,, and sat in my room listening to "breakeven"
im trying to convince myself that i'm alright, even when it's so hard to stay strong at this point. :'(

major vent , </3


LilaaBean 1 decade ago
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awww, thank you- SO much , summerbaby. youu litterally just made me feel 10 times better (: thanks for taking the time to help me feel better, and your advice is great. and dont worry , slim4406, people are jerks. guys and girls can b so mean. 'truth is , everyones gonna hurt you. you just need to find the ones worth suffering for.' ~Bob Marley. hope you feel better <333. and thanks so much again summerbaby (: <333.
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summerbaby2010 1 decade ago
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ugh what a dick. you will find a guy who will actually love you, one who will run to your house in the middle of the night when he makes you cry to make you smile. the one who even tho you get mad and in fights would never think of breaking up... *i know this because i have mine (: all that stuff is stuff that my boyfriend does, we have been dating for three months now and EVERYONE deserves this. you do to (: you will find him, so dont wasste your time worrying about this douche bag when you can be using your time to find the right one ! (: follow me / leave me a profile comment. thanks.
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slim4406 1 decade ago
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dont worry, the same thing just happened to me... i cried and everyone txted me the same things.. but the sad thing is.. we liked eachother alot but we didnt go out because it was "too close to summer" and then two weeks after we told eachother we liked eachother.. he said.. Sure lets just be friends.. and then i asked wht changed in the past two weeks.. and he said Sorry gtg bye.. and the worst part.. my bitchy "friends' didnt try to make me feel better and still tlk to him and his little group because they r "friends" with the guys in my class.
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