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hola guys of witty (: if there are ANY of you out there , i want

hola guys of witty (:
if there are ANY of you out there , i want to say hi !!!! i have
noticed over the.. three days or so i have been using witty
that it has a LARGE girl population, which makes sense becasue
most guys dont want to write their feelings down and put them
out there for anyone in the world to see, i understand that!
but if there is ANY of you, i want to read
your quotes becasue
i want to know how that sick little twisted boy brain thinks!
so if you are a guy on witty just comment below saying , "hey" or
whatever & ill follow u; fav; and read your quotes ! thanks loves (:

-dilly, (summerbaby2010)

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Lovely_bones 1 decade ago
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your such a ! like this is an attention grabber. dont u have a bf?? ask him how his mind works. CREEP
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posted June 12, 2010 at 4:00pm UTC tagged with requests

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