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*:. You're the only one .:* /*\As I look into your penetrating

*:. You're the only one .:*

/*\As I look into your penetrating dark brown eyes
/*\I feel all the pain come rushing back from your deceitfulness and lies
/*\Why do all my thoughts contain you?
/*\I donít understand all this pain youíve put me through
/*\Iím not sure what I did wrong
/*\I guess I wasnít good enough for you all along
/*\Although youíve hurt me and put me through tremendous amounts of pain
/*\I wouldnít give anything for these life lessons Iíve gained.
/*\There are so many things because of you Iíve learned
/*\Donít ever give your entire heart away, youíll just get burned.
/*\Through all the pain and tears Iíve cried
/*\I havenít lost my integrity or my pride.
/*\No matter what youíve done or how youíve hurt my soul
/*\I will forever love you, and that is something through which I can console
/*\First loves last forever, never do they fade
/*\For you are the only person to which I will give my whole heart away.

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