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(a)=mine SWIMMING is life the rest is just DETAILS its that C


SWIMMING is life the rest is just DETAILS

its that C O L D W E T glory of W I N N I N G
v \/v \/ o 0o0 * :+: * :+: *

(made by me comment if you have ideas)

1. Thou shall not breath off of thy's turns
2. Thou shall never say thy can't do it
3. Thou shall always streamline correctly
4. Thou shall always have hard finishes
5. Thou shall never make an excuse
6. Thou shall drop .1 per meet (at least)
7. Thou shall not be jealous of thy teamate's win
8. Thou shall respect thy's coach
9. Thou shall not take the name of swimming in vain
10. Thou shall always do thy's best to KICK BUTT

swimmers don't give up with pain... they just push harder

"no one trains for second place."

There are two pains in life:
1. The pain of hard work
2. The pain of regret

give it all you got
don't hold back
breath deep & dive in
then all that's left is to
S W I M . Y O U R . S W I M

when i dive in the pool
i don't got any rules
no worries and no cares
swimmin' from here to there
when i swim i feel free
its competing all for me
when you slam into the wall
and you here the announcers call
“a new record for the girls”
and you feel on top of the world
when i dive in the pool
i don’t got any rules
no worries no cares
swimmin’ from here to there

`LeAvE iT aLl In ThE pOoL`

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