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Sometimes I ache... With a need for nothing but you. Sometimes,

 Sometimes I ache... With a need for nothing but you. 

Sometimes, I feel that need, and want you to hurt. 

Sometimes I want that hurt to turn into sadness.... 

I want the empty pit in your stomach to become me. 

I want you to experience what I have for the past 6 months. 

I want you to feel as low as I have, and to give up on the world... 

And then I want you to remember, that I would have given it to you. 

The entire world could've been yours... just as it was mine. 

It was mine... because you were the entire world to me... and you were mine. 

I can vow only one thing in my life... to love even harder.

And in some little way, it'll always be, to spite you. 

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