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If you really knew me, You would know that my dad was a drug


If you 

really knew me,

You would know that my dad was a drug addict and that sometimes I wish that one of my friends would've killed himself.
My dad was arrested on mother's day last year and we found out that he had been doing drugs and that turned our world upside down. Looking back on my childhood, it all makes perfect sense. He was mad all the time and would get in pointless fights with all of us. And about my other confession; my friend has tried so many times to kill himself, and when I heard he tried again, my firs thought was "Jeez, why can't I make you happy enough that you don't want to live anymore. selfish? maybe. but it hurts to know that nothing is going right and no one is making him happy that he had to try and kill himself.

But I'm happy with everything that has happened to me cause it makes me so much stronger.  ♥


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