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I saw my best guy friend for the first time since June last night,

I saw my best guy friend for the first time since June last night,
He didn't even say

What did I do?
I smiled at him, and he looked away...

Well, you know what?!


Be that friggin way.
I have better things to do than waste all of my time on you.

But, still, it hurts. He's like, the only guy I can turn to..

Make that, was.

I'm sooooooo mad right now!!

I'll give you the background story...
During the school year,
There was a rumor that he was going to ask me out.
I told everyone that we were just friends and all that crap,
But he seemed kind of...hurt? I didn't know at the time,
But looking back I think that's it.
Anyways, then after about a week and a half,
We went back to being friends again, but
I could tell that something had changed.
During youth camp he acted like everything
Was fine, but he didn't hang out with our 'group'
As much..
In fact, he straight-out avoided us as much as he
And now, this?!

Major vent.

Advice, more than welcomed! Send me a message, or comment, or whatever it is we do on Witty.





xTakeAMomentx 1 decade ago
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:\ I would talk to him, but he won't look at me...oh well I'll try talking to him in school..which starts in six days :[
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littlemrsunperfect 1 decade ago
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just try talking to him, and ask him whats wrong since you guys were so close, just try lol
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posted August 12, 2010 at 3:27pm UTC tagged with vent

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