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Isn't she lovely? Page #4 (re-posted, errors fixed.) Biology

Isn't she lovely?

Page #4 (re-posted, errors fixed.)


Biology was almost over. Thank God. Every time Alexandria would take a glance at me she'd smile and then turn around and giggle to her sidekicks. Whatever. It was free period, hopefully I'd be able to get out of the classroom without being noticed by Sean. I know this sounds stupid, but I'd rather spend my whole free period in the bathroom. Or maybe, if I was lucky, my brother had free this period and he could take me home. I don't know why, but I missed my mom. I wanted to run up to her right now, and give her a huge hug. She hasn't gone one night without crying, ever since my grandpa died. But when her kids are home, she puts on a happy face. I wanted her to know that she could cry infront of me, I wanted her to know that I would be the one there for her, forever. I gave my mom a lot of respect, raising six children without a father, I mean sure, my grandfather was there, but it wasn't the same. I know that she felt bad for mysibblings and me, because we didn't have a father, but to be honest, all six of us were happy. My oldest sibbling is named Natasha, she's a senior in high school, I knew she wouldn't have a free period, because even as a senior, she took unnecessary classes, she already had more than enough credits to graduate. She was smart, I'm smart, but she's smarter. Next, comes my brother Dominick, a junior in high school, he's the class clown, star of the football team, every teacher loves him, smart, good-looking, and every teacher loves him. I'm not so sure how many girlfriends he's had. He only brings the really serious ones home, he only brought one home, her name was Kristy. Kristy and Dominick broke up, I don't really know why, though. Next in line, there's me. Jessica. After me, there's Bianca,she's in 7th grade, Bianca loves theatre. Next, there's the twins, Michael and Joseph. They're at that "terrible twos" stage. The bell rang, and brought me out of my thoughts of my mother and my sibblings. Immediately Sean entered my head. I was trying to be so distant from him, because I didn't want to fall for him, and I knew that if I did, I would easily go out with him. I rush out the door hoping and praying that I wouldn't see Sean. My prayers, were not answered, I guess I should have prayed a little sooner. "Hey cutie," Sean said. "Hey," I replied with a smile. Alexandria walked out, she gave me such a dirty stare. "Here, give me your books, where's your locker, I'll walk you to your locker and then we can go somewhere to talk for free period, sound good?" "Sounds good," I said, What was I doing to myself? Why couldn't I avoid him?! Sean took my books, I opened my locker and put them away. Sean waited for me. When I closed my locker, he grabbed my hand   and we held hands, his fingers inbetween mine. Everyone stared. We went to the library to talk, when we got there, I saw something, something I didn't want to see when Sean and I were holding hands! Oh God, here we go. 



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