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THIS ONES FOR YOU ERICA GRETSCHEL.<3 Even though you probably


Even though you probably wont read this 
and most likely will see this and not care
I would like to say that your the reason that i believe that there are still a few good people left in the world and I'd basically do anything and everything for you 
I've cancelled other plans to hang with you
and when I'm with other friends i think abut how it would be better if Erica were here to make me laugh.

Even if we make each other cry
Even if we're no longer able to make each other laugh or smile
Even if you start to hate me
No matter how much you're starting to get tired of me
No matter how much you're starting to push me away
No matter what happens

I'm here for you babe<3

best friends? 
Yeah... I'd say something like that<3


XxShadesOfGreyxX 1 decade ago
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[deleted] 1 decade ago
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I love you Layla, soo fuking much. It took me like ten minutes to find. Ahhh; but I love this and you. You're my best friend I've ever had. <3333
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posted September 4, 2010 at 9:12pm UTC tagged with friendship

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