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Welcome to the Jungle part 14. Haley's POV i stood in front

Welcome to the Jungle
part 14.
Haley's POV

i stood in front of my mirror just looking at my body.. i never noticed how skinny i really got... i sighed and put on a T-shirt and shorts and walked in my room. i jumped when i saw Jeff leaning against the door hinge one foot in the room the other in the hall. he was just looking at me.
"Jeff..?" i said confused..
"do you really think this how Sammy, Ma, and Reg wanted you to get over there death. they wanted you to starve and cut yourself.. if you do.. then.. you really forgot how mom raised us kiddo.." he said just looking at me.
"thats not far.. guilting me like that.." i whined. sitting in my spinny chair and sat on my left foot and used my right to spin me facing him.
"well, this is not far what your doing to yourself Hail.." he said and walked in my room and sat on my bed.
"why are you doing it Hail.. and for your sake.. do not shrug or say i dont know.." he said
"im.. just depressed.." i said slowly
"well.. Haley Oliva... if.. you go too far with this... think about how i would feel.. losing my mom, dad, twin, and little sister, and my uncle." he said. i sighed
"why must you use my middle name." i asked crying.
"sorry.." he sighed. it was my moms name. he patted his lap and i ran into him
"dang Haley.. your lighter then a TV." he said in shock.
"i know.." i said threw sobs
"i miss her.." i whined.
"i know you do..." he said rubbing my back
"how are you doing so good with this.." i whined
"im not.. heck. when i go outside.. i shiver when i hear a airplane.." he said
"what i do.. i just think of mom, Sammy and Reg still being here.. and if they were living here.. how mom would expect us to behave and how Sammy would beat you or "joke" with you and how Reg would want us to constantly help Auntie out... and.. i listen.. i listen to the past.. how things used to be.. and i live it in the present.." he said
"ok..." i said
"so.. no more of this.." he asked
"no more.." i said confidently.. still sniffling..
"k.." he said and kissed my head and moved me to the bed and he walked out. i just layed there and continued to watch him go downstairs across the hall until he was downstairs and i couldn't see him anymore.. i turned over and faced the the cork board again. then i got a text from Max
"lol.. hey..."
"u okk.."
"want me to come overr?"
"be there in a few.."
i got up and straightened my hair and put my contacts in. then put socks on.. and i just went downstairs.. i dont care about my wrists right now.. i grabbed a frozen bagel and cut it and put it in the toaster and sat at the table waiting for it to pop.
"oh. Auntie.." i said as she was walking in
"yes sweets." she said with her head in the freezer
"i want you to meet my boyfriend.. hes coming over right now.. is that alright.." i asked
"of course its ok.." she said excited the bagel popped and i got up and put cream cheese on it and cut it in half and took the other half with me to the door as Max pulled up. his mom followed him up to the door and got my Aunt over and they talked while Max walked in the den with me to meet my brother.
"this is Max. Max this is Jeff.." i said they shook hands and then my Aunt walked back in and then i introduced my Aunt and him..
"Door Open!" she yelled as we ran up the stairs. i laughed and when we got in my room he spun me around in his arms..
"first time i saw you with out a sweat shirt or long sleeved shirt.." he said looking at me.. i kept my arms around his neck.
"yup." i said happily. then took a bite out of my bagel.
"so what do you wanna do.." i asked
"i dont care.." he said. i grabbed my remote and went through the movie channels and found Dumb and Dumber my favorite movie so we started watching it.

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