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Listen here, girl- - You may be his girl f riend, but I'm

Listen here, girl- -
You may be his  girl  f riend, but I'm his best friend. And nothing, not even you, will change that. EVER.♥ 


x0Sayum0x 1 decade ago
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i was replaced but i got him back;D
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libberzz03 1 decade ago
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there are codes, you can either google them or just search around on here. if i get the time ill make a quote with them on it.

and yeah, it almost happend to me. ://
but then she gave him the ultimatium and chose me (:
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whatsfunnyis 1 decade ago
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oh please.
keep thinking that, but youll be replaced, just like i was.
everyone gets replaced by whores in the end. )':
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WhoahhxIngrid 1 decade ago
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it changed for me.
i was his bestfriend, & the girlfriend took my place i guess.
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Ginger@War* 1 decade ago
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how do you change the hole background?
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posted September 24, 2010 at 5:19pm UTC tagged with friendship

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