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Screaming i think that is really the only thing i do anymore

i think that is really the only thing i do anymore is scream because of how immature some people are i mean they come to me hoping i will spread a rumer about a person and wen i tell them that im not getting in the drama and i tell them they should ask the person they get mad and make up a rumer that they say they got from me!!!! im not a bad person im actually alot more relaxed and alot nicer than i was a couple years ago...i havent punched a person or yelled at them really for a laid back nice person so why is it that everyone feels they need to blam me for everything? i dont do anything to make anyone mad i just kinda go to school and go to work....since i moved here i have tried to keep a low profile and not disturb the lil town i live in but just bout everyone has blamed me for stuff i havent even been close to doing....
i really dont no wat i did to this town i just no that i want out of it and may graduation isnt coming fast enough

sorry havent made pretty just venting

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posted November 15, 2010 at 10:59pm UTC tagged with vent

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