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How to get over a guy: 1) make sure it's really over. make

How to get over a guy:

1) make sure it's really over. make sure he never wants to get back together. if you ask him and he says maybe, then he's one of "those" guys. maybe = no. so get over him fast cause he will make you wait for a LONG time.

2) take all reminders of him and put them out of sight. hide them in your closet, pack away in a box, just make sure you don't ever see it unless on purpose.

3) invite your friends over for a girls night out, or a pizza party, or something else fun. odds are they want to hear about your break up so vent to them, just dont go over board. *note: dont start venting till someone asks you about it. if no one does and you really need to vent, then ask them if they mind listening to you.

4) after venting, get your mind off him. watch lots of tv and movies, that helps. read and joke with your friends. eat chocolate and listen to loud music. and sleep alot. and do homework. school wont give you a pass for having your heart broken.

5) flirt with lots of guys. most likely, after your break up, guys with secret crushes on you will decide to take a chance. smile and laugh with them and remember that a girl having fun is the most attractive girl around.

6) you may feel you need a rebound guy. DONT. because if he is only meant to help you get over your ex, you will probably end up breaking his heart and thats a whole other problem. you can do this without crutches. besides, sometimes its better to be single for a while. then you can be independent. make new friends and get to know your family better.

7) if this isnt enough, then make a list of all the bad things about him. dont write down the good things, because your stupid lovesick heart will throw out way to many good things. have your best friend help you out because chances are, she will see the worst bits of him.

8) ignore him. dont talk to him, or call him or look at his facebook page. it will just be like pouring salt on the wound.

9) dont EVER deny that you will get over him. you will, but you have to believe it too. believing its true, makes it half so. keep a positive attitude and call him names in his head.

10) it takes some people a week, like my friend. but it took me 2 months. but believe me, its so much better once you're over your ex. and it will happen eventually. so just pretend to be happy, ignore him, dont talk to him AT ALL and hide everything that reminds you of him in a box and hide it in your closet and one day, you'll realize you dont need him anymore :)


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Gab90star 1 decade ago
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Its been 3 months and it still feels like that day he broke up with me :(
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